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I’d just like to casually put it out there that if you’re mad that CL got a make-up endorsement and want to pit that against Minzy having nothing solo at all then you should stop. If you really are a Minzy stan than you obviously haven’t been following her lately. She’s being prepped for her solo, okay? It’s rather obvious seeing as how she went to a movie premiere by herself. And she’s going to Thailand by herself to more than likely support her sister and the showcase. But she’s not going to be with any of the 2NE1 girls.

I also just wanna say that as much as I love Minzy, she doesn’t have the same star quality as CL. Chaerin seems to be willing to do just about anything and everything, while in all honesty Minzy sets boundaries for herself. If you watch Beetle’s Code then you know that she was completely against being in the nude scene, though she didn’t mind CL doing it herself. She just seems content with how things are going, unlike how all these people are making it out like she’s underrated because no one notices her.

Just— In terms of talent I always feel that Minzy is the best in 2NE1, but in terms of star quality, CL has it in the bag. Keep that in mind before you start bad mouthing the chick because she knows how to do her fucking job.

There are currently a number of misconceptions about Minzy’s nose right now that are horribly inaccurate.

The first thing is that she claimed to have rhinitis, which is extremely believable. If you actually took the time to research you could see that she probably has nonallergic rhinitis, which is year-round, but it usually doesn’t come about until adulthood. However, many of the symptoms point back to the nose, with things such as sneezing and a runny nose. There are many causes, but due to her explanation and the area she got the surgery in, I believe it was due to inflammation of her sinuses; the maxillary sinuses to be exact. That is the area on the cheekbones, above the teeth, and on the sides of the nose. I had my doubts when I researched it too, but honestly there are many times when her nose looked different. Like in certain interviews, her nose could look very tiny and suitable for her face, but in others it looked swollen and she herself looked uncomfortable. So that’s why I think she got it. x x

It obviously wasn’t for beauty like other’s are thinking. I personally thought it was too, especially with all the hate on her looks that she got constantly. But it looks to be a mix of her fear for YG’s opposition of plastic surgery, and the fact that she was suffering for so much that she actually went and got it done. The areas that were changed in her nose are also structured to fit the way that looks as if it helps fix her problem with rhinitis, though perhaps there was also a change in it to make her look more attractive too. Her nose though was the only thing she had surgery on, everything else was because of her massive weight loss (because she really did lose a lot of weight— especially on her legs), and she didn’t have eye surgery like I saw someone post. That’s the power of make-up.

However besides that, there’s one more thing I’d like to touch on, that being her mother. Everyone is seeming to look at this through their own point of views, save for the others who understand Korea’s beauty standards. Her mom never once called her daughter ugly, she only admitted to her not being as pretty as the elders in her group. It’s a realists point of view, and not gonna lie I find her to be the most attractive, but by the masses, people prefer Dara or Bom. Especially since Koreans usually prefer small heart-shaped faces, big eyes, a v-line, etc.

Her mom though was just trying to help her daughter from how I read it. She seemed very supportive, and wanted to help Minji feel more comfortable and able to continue performing without feeling sickly. Her mom never once acted like her daughter was ugly, really. She always just seemed to try and make Minzy feel more comfortable in her body. Like she said, her mom lost weight when Minzy felt like she couldn’t, just to show her that she could. So before you go belittling her for being a ‘bad’ mom, try to think harder about what she really did.